Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Introduction to Christina Balzotti

My name is Christina Balzotti and I recently joined Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay as a communications and events summer intern. I have just completed my junior year at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, where I am a Government major. Throughout my studies, I have developed an interest in how government systems at all levels can impact how its citizens see and interact with the world and each other. In addition to my academics, I am a senior captain on the varsity women’s lacrosse team and a member of the student group Green Dot, which educates students on dating violence prevention on college campuses.
Exploring the harbor in Bergen, Norway
This past fall, I spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I attended the Danish Institute for Study Abroad with a focus in Strategic Communications. Over the course of the four-month long semester, I travelled to 15 different cities in 11 different countries, including Spain, Norway, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, and others. It was in Copenhagen that I began to explore my interest in environmental preservation.

Here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I hope to gain knowledge and experience in how organizations market and communicate their goals and ideas to the public. Additionally, I hope to learn more about the steps necessary to maintain and protect natural landscapes so that they can be experienced and enjoyed by both current residents and generations to come. I look forward to getting familiar with the work that is done here to better the beaches and islands in the Boston area so that they can reach their fullest potential and be true assets to their respective communities.

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