Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Marine Mammal Safaris

Staff and guests eagerly waiting for the first cruise.
The Miani family enjoying their time on the third cruise.
On Saturday April 23rd, all of us here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay headed out on to the water with many friends in hopes of finding some marine mammals hanging out in Boston Harbor! The day started off with some chilly wind rolling off of the water and light rain showers. However, this didn't stop our guests from joining us on the first cruise of the morning! The first trip took off at 9:30am, but all of us had arrived well before then to set up and make sure everything was running smoothly. Before long, we all boarded the boat and despite the gloomy weather were able to see a handful of harbor seals! Since it was quite cold and rainy out, we also all gathered inside the boat to warm up and sing songs together after having seen some seals. As we made our way back to shore after a 90 minute cruise around the harbor, friends and families of the second trip began checking in with some of us that had remained on shore. The weather began to take a turn for the worst, but our guests still persevered through the approaching storm and happily boarded the boat for the second cruise. This trip was also lucky enough to see a number of harbor seals! Finally, all our guests for the third and final trip of the day began arriving. After making sure everyone was checked in, we all boarded the boat one final time. However this time, the weather had finally cleared and our last trip of the day turned out to be a beautiful and sunny afternoon! All three trips were able to see seals! When we docked for the final time that day, we watched all our guests leave with smiles on their faces. After a long, but rewarding day it was time for all of us here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay to head home.

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