Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eels, Crabs, and Paddleboards!

Hello to everyone who is reading my blog and thank you for actually taking in the time to read it! My name is Jahari Crosby and I am a new employee of the organization Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Our orientation at Carson Beach was absolutely amazing. I learned how to canoe and paddle surf for the first time ever, which I hope to get to do again soon. We played football, Frisbee, we traced things in the sand with big sticks. We also did this story-telling activity that helped all of us new incoming employees come out of our shy shell a little! So pretty much we just did activities to get to know each other better for when we work with each other later on. Nothing else says summer more than a bright sunny day on the beach doing fun activities with some new friends that you make!

So we have had two days of work so far, real work, and I am already in love with the job to be fully honest. So what we do is fish in the harbor in front of the Boston Children's Museum and show people whatever we catch anytime people do pass by and want to look. We even let the people fish if they would like! So far what we have caught out of the two days of work were some green crabs, spider crabs, tunicate, and surprisingly an American Eel that was about three feet long that I caught! The eel was actually the first thing that I have ever caught out of all the other three times I’ve been fishing! Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is an amazing organization for young kids to have great summer experiences and I look forward to continuing this exciting job!

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