Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clamming at Carson

Hey everyone! Hope your July is warm and sunny!
          Since I have the pleasure of enjoying our newest pilot site, Carson, I figured why not talk about it. In the morning America SCORES occupies all my time with new ways to engage kids with sports and poetry. I really enjoy working on ball drills and the fun ways they incorporate sports into education. Although poetry is not my thing, I had a lot of fun stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new things! On Monday after some good, competitive games of soccer, my fellow explorers and I did some extreme impressionist ink plotting/painting. Unfortunately all of my paintings looked rather negative which was sad, but on the bright side they lead to a ton of great jokes about pessimism and extreme imagination as everyone tried to interpret what my art really meant. After our soccer friends left,  we hopped onto the beach and discovered that Carson is a hot bed of clams. There are massive amounts by the shore, even at high tide when clamming usually isn't possible. The YMCA had a blast digging up clams even though we didn't have shovels. It's amazing how kids can take the simplest task, like digging a hole, and find it so exciting. It really brings out your inner child!
Clams for DAYS
The trick with clamming is finding where the clam is hiding. Usually it's just where the water breaks and and the clam will shoot out water through the wet sand. Then you dig till you find one. All in all, we found over 100 clams,some were REALLY small and others were fairly large. Because Save the Harbor respects all animals habitats we made sure to place them back in there holes and let them burrow back to home. Clamming is a lot of fun, if you do it right. You don't want to take the clams out of their habitat or kill them. We have to respect our earth and treat it with care,
this little explorer found the biggest clams
who knows how long it will be around. Hopefully with Save the Harbor Save the Bay working to protect the beaches, bays and ocean we'll always have this option of fun!
Excited as always!
Ruth Scott

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