Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From The Children's Museum to All Access Boston Harbor

Hey guys it's Jayda again. This week I have had the pleasure of working with the All Access crew at Gerogie's Island. We haven't had very many life changing activities, but I did meet some amazing new people. I've learned Save the Harbor isn't just about aquatic life, but it is also about meeting new people from Boston that you may have never met otherwise. One of these people is Andrea.
She's a great person and she welcomed me to the All Access Team as if I had been there for years. We have spent the boat ride back just sharing stories and having a good time relaxing after a day of work . We also managed to find an odd looking creature that we could only assume was a sea cucumber. 
No one wanted to touch it. But overall it's been great having the best of both worlds by being at the Children's Museum for some days and All Access other days. Until next time. 

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