Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ending the week

Hey guys,
It's Bella again and I can't believe we finally caught some fish towards the end of the week! Although we had caught many other different animals I enjoyed this catch. You know how fish are supposed to be caught with a fishing rod, and how your supposed trap a crab in a crab trap? Well.... every single fish we caught ended up getting pulled up through the crab trap.  When I pulled up the crab trap, i rushed them to the touch tank and thats when john said " Its a perch". I was very excited to hold them because i have never seen them in my life. As I held them in my hand it was very still until it sprung out my hand and the fin popped out and it was pretty sharp so I left it alone. Sometime we would catch a crab on the fishing rod, isn't that odd but weird at the same time?
At least our first week working at BCM had a great start!  I can't wait to return and teach all the wonderful children to fish! I remember the first time we caught a jellyfish and found out we were able to hold it. It was the best experience ever! Especially the look on the adults face when they heard it was completely safe. Hopefully we'll catch a bit on the rods soon!

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