Friday, July 10, 2015

First Day at Blacks Creek

Monday was my first day of work at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, and what a day it was! I work at Blacks Creek from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday. Being from Quincy, and never having heard of the program at Blacks Creek before, I wasn't expecting a large turnout, but I was proven unbelievably wrong. About 30 to 35 kids attend daily, and we do our best to keep them entertained.

Playing Where the Wind Blows for our morning activity.

We start off the morning with a quick game to help get everyone excited and ready for the day. They usually like to play freeze tag or "Ride That Pony," but they have played sharks and minnows a few times. After everyone is appropriately engaged and ready to start the day, we bring out the nets and let the kids try to catch animals such as minnows, crabs, and shrimp. They're really good at finding animals, and they show them the respect they deserve.

Some of the kids looking for fish.

After they hunt through the waters for a while, we put the nets away and they enjoy a break for snacks and whatnot. After snack time, it's time for sports! We bring them away from the water and onto Pageant Field, where we organize games like tag, Indian chief, and kickball for them. If they don't want to run around, we also let them draw maps and sea creatures.

Blacks Creek is an awesome time. The kids are great and for the most part behave well, and the parents are very welcoming and love our program. We have a nice variety of things to entertain the kids with here, but it's safe to say that the kids aren't the only ones having fun.


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