Friday, July 10, 2015

Kayaking is Deceiving

     Kayaking is definitley a lot harder than it looks! It was my first time going to the Charles River and to top it off, I kayaked. I was definitely nervous as I walked down the dock and Kelly and Luke told me I have to at least try kayaking. But it was a great experience; and it taught me to always try new things and face your fears. I had no clue what I was doing from the moment Luke pushed the kayak in the river. With the assistance of Ruth as well as the rest of the children in the community boating program, I started to gain some confidence and get the hang of it... Of course with time, trials, and tribulations, but the important part is everyone had a good time.  By the time we returned to the dock it looked like I had jumped in the river instead of boating.


     Courageous Sailing earlier that morning was also very exciting as I added to my list of things I had never done. Including pulling up lobster traps, which are very heavy by the way, seeing a sea squirt and actually getting squirted in the face, and seeing a live lobster. Through the fortune of the Save the Harbor program I have been able to experience all of these wonderful things. Guess what? It's only the first week and there's a ton of new activities left to be conquered. 

-Dexter Andrews

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