Thursday, July 9, 2015

Making a Difference at CHV

     The first few days at Camp Harbor View have actually gone very well. The first day getting to meet the kids on The Provincetown II on our way to Long Island, we saw how many kids there actually are. There are a bunch of kids that are ready to have fun and enjoy their summer. I happened to meet a kid and he was wearing a whole bunch of green. So, I asked him if his favorite color was green and he said yeah. I then asked why and he told me that it's the same color of money and cash. After laughing, he informed me that his name was Cash so that's why he likes cash and the color green. 

      This camp is different from what I remembered about it last year. Last year, we would first go to Blacks Creek until 12, then go to Camp Harbor View and get there around 1. But this year, we take a ferry to Long Island at 8:30 and stay there the whole day. We see three groups of kids everyday and they are all excited to fish, pull up crab traps and hold the crabs. We can also fish off of the dock, so we are not limited to just the pier, which gives us flexibility with all the kids. Although we still have not caught any fish, all the kids are familiar with how to use a fishing rod. Some have actually been able to catch crabs on their line and take pictures with them. They are so proud when they do that some actually tell everyone what they caught and they seem excited.


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