Thursday, July 9, 2015

The return of Kickball

Thursday was a remarkable do for the staff on All Access. First, we were blessed by being allowed to go out to Spectacle with our Lead Teacher Bridget Ryan. Second, all the children sang to her because it was her birthday. Finally, we had a little surprise celebration in the office in which we celebrated three milestone birthdays, Bridget, Mark, and Bruces!
David leading a Happy Birthday chant for Bridget with the help of a couple hundred kids!
The end of our week, everyone was so wet
With the return of few groups from last year, we had our first successful day of kickball! Despite losing at such a large deficit, we'll keep the score disclosed, the game was a blast! Who knew a game so simple could turn so competitive this quick? Most of the kids did not even want to go swimming afterwards and ended up playing Wiffle Ball with Andy. Oh, but they did go swimming. 

I struck a deal with Bridget before entering the water. The only way I'd go in was if I got to dunk her in the water. Unfortunately this did not happen, but I still went swimming. I mean even the children wanted to see the birthday girl get thrown in, who would not? Everyone knows the rules of all access. If swimming is allowed, we go swimming. I mean if you don't your a scrub, and nobody wants to be a scrub. 

With the troubles of rain in our first week of exploration, we accommodated each day appropriately and it was great to end such a great week with beautiful weather, and amazing children.

-Ahmed M. Hassan

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