Friday, July 17, 2015

My first adventure at Blacks Creek in Quincy!

This week I had the opportunity to spend a morning at our Boston Harbor Explorers site at Blacks Creek in Quincy! I was really looking forward to working at this site because of the natural beauty of the creek. There is always beautiful wildlife surrounding our program area such as blue herons, egrets, hawks, crabs, minnows, periwinkles and so much more! 

We started the day of with a name game and an active game of tag to warm up- it was very chilly down by the water! We then scoured the area for interesting creatures. We caught 3 green crabs in the crab trap and found a horseshoe crab shell along the shore. The kids found the horseshoe crab to be very interesting- we determined it was a female by looking at the top two claws, I explained that a female's first two claws are small and thin, and a male's first two claws look like boxing gloves! 

We then decided to go for a nature walk around the site to see what we could find- I supplied the campers with crayons and paper so they could draw the wildlife we saw. Unfortunately, all of the birds must have been scared off, but we did see plenty of crabs, fish, shrimp, and snails! It was a great day spent next to the creek and I am greatly looking forward to visiting again! 

-Kelly Randall

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