Thursday, July 9, 2015

Off to an awesome start

Carlos and I kayaking with a few  kids
I was lucky enough to be placed at piers park again this year which is pretty awesome. There are a few changes to how things are done this year in comparison to last year all of which make things so much better. We spend a longer time with the kids giving us more time to do multiple different activities such as kayaking. Last year we never got to even touch the kayaks but every day we get to take the kids out on the kayaks which they absolutely love.

A few of the harbor explorers fishing
 This week we had a few kids returning from last summer which was really cool because they remembered how to use the fishing rods and were already really excited to try to catch many different things. For those who were new they picked it up instantly which is pretty impressive. I've realized that fishing takes a lot of patience and these kids have a lot more patience than I did when I was their age so they're all pretty awesome for that. We  keep a touch tank on the dock to put the crabs/fish that the kids catch and they all like that. There are a few of the kids who enjoy this a lot, they will try getting many different things to the tank to make the animals more at home.
Mid water fight
For those of you who do not know Piers Park has a really cool park that has a sprinkler that we take the kids to so that they can cool down and get to run around for a little. They really like this part of the day because they all team up to try to wet all of the "teachers" (this is what they call us). Actually for all of us this is a fun break from being on the dock. They do not forget about fishing though, after a little bit of time passes multiple of them do ask when we are going to go back on the dock to fish. So far this week has been such a success that many of the kids have asked me if the program goes on the entire summer so that they can keep coming back. This gives me such high hopes for the rest of the summer.

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