Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week One, Blog One

The All-Access crew was stationed at Spectacle this week, and these past two days on the island were fun ones I thought. For the most part, I was at the docks of Spectacle helping with the fishing lessons that were set up there. Perhaps 'fishing' isn't the best way to descibe it, as we didn't actually catch any fish. We did, however, catch a ton of crabs. Along with the net that we had used to catch them, it was good to be able to see kids reel in there own crabs on the rods. They would let the bait sink to the bottom so that the crabs would be able to get it easier. By the end of the second day there, we had caught 32 crabs, varieties ranging from Green Crabs to Spiders, and one lobster.

Showing proper fishing techniques

In the small amount of time that I wasn't on the docks casting and crabbing, I went to the area where the fish printing was being done. I had looked at finished prints before, but had never seen the process of printing them. For such a simple process of basically applying ink to a fish, and pressing it to a piece of paper, they come out looking very good.

Inking a fish

This being my first summer at SH/SB, I did not know what I was expecting when the week started. But after talking and interacting with the kids these past couple of days, I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer.

- Ian P.

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