Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Access, All Fun

This week at all access I had a fun and nerve wrecking week. We visited Georges island and I enjoyed spending Friday at the Children's Museum. We got to go fishing, play sport inside the fort, and search the shore for sea stars throughout super hot weather. It cooled down by the end of the week along with my anxiousness. Many were friendly and I liked having small talks and playing games with them on our voyage to the island. We played an intense game of quackadilly oh my and they loved it as much as I did for helping me keep my mind off my sick stomach.

Who will win?
I loved seeing the looks on the kids faces when they got to try fishing, many for the first time. Little did they know it was my first time too. Thanks to my coworker, Andrea, I've gotten the hang of things and I love to teach the children what I learn at work too. One of the most exciting things was seeing one of the kids catch a fish at Georges. I heard they never get to catch any fish at Georges and this kid, Calvin, who was really lucky to catch a striper fish. Everyone was so excited to see it. I recall him telling me about his fishing experiences with his dad back in his country. It was the first fish we have caught at Georges.

Last but not least was my personal favorite day, Friday at the Children's Museum. I learned about two different types of crabs and we caught a baby perch. We had dozens of children having fun fishing. My favorite was a little 5 year old girl. She was more excited holding the rod than actually learning how to cast. Every minute or so she would say," I think I feel something!" or "I think I caught a fish!" and then we would check and see nothing. I was so happy to see her rail up a crab. She was so thrilled and ran off to show her mom. We put it in the touch tank and I really think that made her day.


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