Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Crab is Broken

No, the crab wasn't dead. It was just resting. When a young child looking at the crabs declared one was broken, I asked why the crab was broken. Her reply was: "The crab is broken."
In addition to the crab being broken, this week also contained several other interesting moments. Our two catches of the week involved a three-foot long American eel, and a perch fish named Guppy. Our other exciting non-fish catches of the week included several crabs, sea squirts, several pieces of rope, a log, and a dirty plaid shirt (I got really disappointed because I thought I had a decent-sized fish on the line). In addition, when Bella was cutting fish for bait, two little fish popped out. We’re still not quite certain it we found the fish’s lunch or it’s offspring. This week, I learned how to cut fish for bait, the difference between a green and a spider crab, how to cast a line, teach kids how to fish, and several other skills including how to free a stuck fishing line.
Going back to the crab and how it was broken. Being uncertain of how to respond to the crab being broken, I just nodded and continued answering questions. I couldn’t think of anything to say in response, so why dwell on it?  So, after my first week, here's the lesson I took away: the crab is broken. Just accept it and move on. Working with so many people is about kinetic energy. Whether or not it was having to answer the same question three times from the same person in a span of five minutes, going to cut more bait for the third time that morning because the bait kept falling off the hooks, or realizing that I used the wrong verb when trying to talk to a family in French, I just kept moving (or swimming. Take your pick). Don’t let the small things trip you up. Just keep going and teaching children about fishing, crabs, and Boston Harbor.

The eel we caught on Tuesday.

Guppy the perch fish

A fish sea-section (pun courtesy of my aunt)
And, last but not least, me perfecting the art of fishing (I wish)
Sarah M

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