Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Sea is Alive

The view from Boston Children's Museum 

Hi everyone!
Recently I've been working at the Children's Museum with a bunch of children who absolutely love interacting with us. They love the crabs, they love fishing  and it looks like they also love when they catch something! Working at the Children's Museum has brought back so many memories of reasons why I love working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I believe on our first or second day working on the job someone caught an eel! How cool is that? Although I thought it was the weirdest thing everyone rushed over to see it.  All you heard was: “Woah!!! What is it?” Too bad we couldn't keep it for show: it was way too big, probably about two and a half feet long. But what we did get a chance to briefly keep in the touch tank was a perch! A perch is a type of fish, if you didn't know, and the most interesting fact about it ALL is that we didn't even catch it on a fishing line; we caught it in the crab trap.  Who would've thought that we'd catch a fish in a crab trap - isn't that ironic?! Hopefully next time we can catch fish on the line instead of crabs. You know how you have to bait the traps and hooks? Well while I was cutting up the bait something slipped out and it turns out it was baby fish developing.

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