Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beating the Heat at Children's Museum

Hello again fellow adventurers!

Today at the Children's Museum we got our first taste of a summer heat wave! Even though the sun was beaming down upon us, we loaded up on sunscreen and baited the hooks for another day of fishing.

Fishing Station: Activated

Look at all those fish!
When the heat became too unbearable, some of the kids took a break by fishing in the shade. You might think fishing with velcro at the end of your pole would be futile, but not when the "fish" you're trying to catch are made out of felt! Our friends at the Children's Museum donated some of their time to create a pond of felt fish for us to add to our program, and so far its been a fan favourite! It is the perfect alternative for some of our younger harbor explorers who are a little too young to cast the bigger rods over the railing in front of the museum, and they're almost always guaranteed a catch! This little girl did not want to put the pole down, and every time she caught a fish, she very generously gave them to me for me to hold on to.

First time touching a crab!
The rest of the day was highlighted mostly by the crabs that we caught in our crab trap. Today we were pleasantly surprised by catching a spider crab! Although they may fall into the "creepy-crawley" category in the eyes of most of the kids, I think they are so cool to handle. After much convincing, I finally got a group of kids to touch a crab for the first time ever! The combination of excitement and utter fear on their faces was so fun to watch, and even more exciting was the swagger they displayed after, feeling accomplished that they had finally touched a crab. While we did not catch a monster striper, or a massive rock crab, the experiences I had today were the epitome of how awesome it is to work at Save the Harbor. Watching these kids experience things they've never been able to do before and seeing the pure joy and excitement on their faces makes this job that much better.

Until next time, keep on exploring!

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