Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ooey Gooey Slime

I took a group clam digging on Tuesday. They were all so excited to go and see what lives under the sand. I passed out all of the sand rakes and smaller tools for clam digging, and we started walking down to the water.  The kids got to the edge of the sand and instinctively started asking questions. What was the muck that the low tide uncovered? I told them about the mud, and the creatures that lived in it. They were interested in what I was saying maybe for a moment before they ran off to dig and stomp around.

They splashed and dug. They all ran through the muck, searching for clams, crabs and worms. They seemed to always be asking questions, always wondering out loud and wanting answers. That is what I learned about kids this week, kids are really curious. They want to know everything. And even if no answer can be given, they are still going to ask. With enormous smiles on their faces, they never seemed to mind when I didn't have the answers. They just picked up their materials, thought for a moment and asked me the next question that popped into their head. This was my favorite part of the week so far; the children's never-ending curiosity. Always wondering, always questioning, never giving up!

Till next time-joe

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