Friday, July 15, 2016


This week one of my favorite group of kids returned to explore Spectacle Island with us, the East Boston YMCA. I remembered quite a few cute faces who were so excited to see me again. They greeted me with a "Hey I remember you!" while they lined up for their group photo. I sat with them on the boat ride and they showed me the cool designs they were making with gimp. One girl even taught me how to do the chinese staircase and I taught another how to do the circle.

We had a sad departing while they went to have fun on the island and gladly met again at the dock to check out the crabs we caught. They were fascinated by everything and so interested in learning the difference between male and female or what type of crabs they were. We had two red rock crabs, a couple green crabs, and one big and ugly spider crab. As I pulled the crab out the tank the kids shouted, "WHOA!" in amazement at its size. We even caught an American lobster in our crab trap! It wasn't that big but it's claws were and it was ready to snap our fingers off at any moment. We snapped a couple photos before putting it back in the water.

Daniel (left) Nicholas (bucket hat) Jaden (super cheesy to the right)

I really loved bonding with these 3 boys, Jaden, Daniel, and Nicholas. They were amazing guests on our trip to Spectacle. I enjoyed their company as much as they enjoyed mine. And I'm sure I'll be spending more time with them if they come back to go on another trip with Save the Harbor.

-Warmly, Kharliyah O,

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