Friday, July 15, 2016

What Mysteries Do Sea Glass Hold?

 On Wednesday, David Coughan and I took a small group form the Saint Ann's camp to explore Spectacles rocky shoreline. The girls were thrilled to be finding small treasures between the rocks. These treasures were many, many pieces of sea glass! Spectacle has hosted many things in it's life before becoming a state park. It once had hotels, a plant, and was the city's garbage incinerator for a span of time. All the glass found on the beaches are a result of the island's past. As tempting as taking these sea jewels back on the boat with you, all glass must remain on the island because it is part of the national park system.

As we slowly made our way down the beach, faces completely focused on the ground trying to find glass better than the last piece of glass we found. Whenever one of us found something unusual or out of the ordinary we could stop and call the group over. One camper loved finding porcelain piece and another found a large royal blue piece that was absolutely stunning. I tried finding little blue, aqua, and soft green sea glass because I love those colors. The most common colors we found were browns and greens. My unique find of the day was a turquoise bead. It was the only one we found on the beach.

David happened to have a good eye and found a rare color of sea glass, pink! We all oooh'd and aaaaah'd as David held it up in the light. The girls were jealous they had not found this rare treasure to add to their large collections that were now overflowing in everyone's hands. David encouraged us all to think about were this pink piece of glass came from. A vase, a perfume bottle; there could be some many possibilities given the history of the island. Was it valuable? Was it very important to some one at sometime?

Til the next sea glass adventure
-Nora D.

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