Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fish Guy

Welcome all to my first blog post in ages!

My name is Raymond Chai and this is my first summer with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay! I am a rising Junior at Boston University studying Mechanical Engineering. You guys may be wondering, why is this guy with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay? I have a passion for animals!  I grew up watching Animal Planet and one of my heroes are Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. Similar to how Steve Irwin lived courageously around huge alligators, I am going to be courageously handling sea animals and crustaceans! 

I had a blast meeting the crew! During orientation at Black's Creek we spotted a horseshoe crab casually walking along the banks! It was my first time visiting the site and to find such a neat sea critter within the first 10 minutes of visiting the site, it blew my mind! The few of us that went kayaking connected a bunch of the boats together to make what we called at the time a "make-shift-island" and one by one, each of us took turns going overboard (some more gracefully than others)! In our defense we were laughing so hard and enjoying ourselves on the water so much that we lost balance on the "kayak island" and fell overboard! This was a great first week, and I'm ecstatic to work for Save the Bay this summer! Live through my posts! I'll show you a glimpse of what it's like seeing kids go crazy over crab traps, fishing rods, grass and water!

By Raymond Chai

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