Thursday, July 7, 2016

Introducing Nieomi :)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nieomi Colon. I'm an upcoming junior at Cristo Rey Boston High School. I was born in Brockton but raised in Boston. This is the first year I am a JPA for Save the Harbor, Save The Bay and I could honestly say I'm so happy to start off the summer with this organization because it's a good way to grow as a person and meet new people and just enjoy teaching kids how to do different activities. What I'm hoping to leave the summer with is leadership skills and knowing I'm helping other kids enjoy there time during the summer.

Just last week we had orientation which was more exciting than what I expected, we played games called Where The Wind Blows and Ride That Pony and at first it was awkward because I didn't know anyone but I just reminded myself , "You have to meet new people and enjoy, Nieomi," and that's what I plan on doing. It's always nice to meet others because you leave the program with a new friend.

The First Day Of Orientation

 We also made a fish print with a flounder, visited Georges Island, and paddle boarded, which was the scariest experience ever because I felt as though I was going to fall and drown but I took it step by step and made it all the way back. 

Our Trip To The Boston Harbor Islands 

I enjoyed orientation it was a taste of what is in store for the rest of summer and I can't wait. This is a good experience I can't wait to share with my friends and family. I'm just looking forward to an amazing summer and breaking out of my comfort zone.


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