Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fishing with The CHV Crew

The fishing club members holding up
 our catches of the day
Thursday was the first fishing trip I have ever been on, and I have to say it was a lot more fun and action packed then I expected it to be. My team and I met at the usual spot, at the Dunkin Donuts near the World Trade Center. From there we gathered the fishing club kids from the Provincetown II and took them onto the boat we were using for the fishing trip, the Belle. We started heading out of the Boston Harbor and eventually ended up near Camp Harbor View. At this point we dropped the anchor and chose this area as our fishing spot.

Bruce, Corey, and the blackfish
After the first five minutes we caught our first fish, and from that point on we caught more than a dozen fish. About half of the fish we caught were skates, while the other half were flounder, and we also happened to catch a blackfish. Even though I didn't catch a fish myself, I helped one of the kids reel in a skate which was pretty exciting. The kid who I helped is named Kerrick.
Kerrick noticed that he had caught a fish and yelled for help. At this moment I jumped in to helped him and with a few tips from Ahmed I was able to reel in the fish for him. Even though I have been fishing a lot during my time at Save the Harbor I was never able to reel in a fish, so I was thankful and happy that Kerrick gave me this opportunity.

Abel Yohannes

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