Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hello, Its Me ..... Again

How's it going everyone? My name, as you may know by now, is Ahmed M. Hassan. This is my ..... 6th summer with Save the Harbor? Yes! 

Fan Pier Fishing Tournament 2K15 with Mentor Michael Fallon
I am a rising senior at Stonehill College studying Psychology and Business Administration. Interestingly enough when I started my tenure here at STH/STB I was beginning my high school career and now I am ending my college career. Man time sure does fly. 

At Stonehill I serve as the Vice President of the senior class and a Peer Mentor amongst many other leadership positions. This summer I also interned at Off Wall St. Consulting Group. I keep a very busy schedule but I am more than excited about returning to this amazing organization. 

I enjoy a wide variety of activities, most of which are listed in this blog in previous years. If interested just search anything pertaining to our company accompanied by "Ahmed" or solely my name and hopefully many articles arise. 

Returning as a Lead Harbor Explorer my goals are to maintain a positive influence on the communities we serve and to expand educational awareness about the harbor/bay and their ever changing systems. Hopefully my future blogs resonate with you! 

.... Btw you're great :)


Ahmed M. Hassan

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