Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hey everyone,
I'm Isabella in the picture on the left with sunglasses on and that's Khar on the right, if you did not know, and I'm here to share my inner thoughts on some things I think about.  Have you ever seen those cartoons with animals that talk? Well, what if fish could talk? What if every time they're flapping when we reel them up they're really talking to us. You know how some animals are able to communicate, what if one day you could communicate with them? What would you do? What would you say? Well one thing I would say to them is that they are very fascinating the way their scales shimmer in the light. I would say: "Hey! Mr. Fish, how's the water down there?" (Hahaha, good one Isabella.)

In this photo on the left here is Sarah(standing on the right holding a crab) a very enthusiastic co-worker and friend. And in this very moment we were joking around with the crabs as Khar was talking about why don't villains stroke their crabs as villainy as Sara did. Although it was both corny and funny the crab did not enjoy it and almost snipped Sarah. She then placed it back in the bucket where I am standing. If I could talk to a crab I would say: "Hey! Mr. Crab, why are you so crabbbby? Hahaha!

Talk to you soon!
~ Bella

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