Friday, July 15, 2016

Luck of a Fishmerman

We are three days in and I've almost gotten every new Harbor Explorer's name down! Last week we planned ahead and wanted to use the flounder (from fish prints) as crab/lobster trap bait. Little did we know, the smell of a dead fish exponentially worsens without ice in a cooler. On Monday when Sean took out the cooler with the flounder, every inch of his face indicated that what he was carrying towards us some wicked funky fish. I volunteered to fillet that flounder and it was not one of my best decisions. When I tell you ladies and gents that my hand smelled gross, I mean no amount of soap throughout the various trips to the bathroom that day made a difference. With that said lunch was a blast!

Within these past three days I had my first experience kayaking and sailing at Pier's Park! Our Harbor Explorers love to search along the edges of the rocks for periwinkles and any other sea creatures! I don't know how, but somehow after I went kayaking I came back to two moon jellies and two star fish in a cooler.

Now you're probably wondering why this post is titled the "Luck of a Fisherman", well I actually dropped a whole mackerel off the docks and into the water. This was one of those "I just messed up so hard" moments. I quickly batted my eyes around for some device to make he best of the situation, and found myself an unused crab trap. In my head the chances of me getting that mackerel back was almost zero, but a guy has to try anyway! In the worst case scenario, I would end up with a mackerel at the bottom of the waters, with a crab trap on top of it. Not exactly the best way to catch crabs/ nor is it the ended set up of the crab trap, but you can only do so much. After a few minutes I checked the trap to see if I could grab any more crabs, and what I pulled up left my baffled. A feet or two from the surfacing, the crab trap had an outline of a fish in it! I RECOVERED THE MACKEREL!!! That's why you should always try and give everything your best effort! Your odds are never zero unless you don't try. Thanks for reading my posts as of so far!

By Raymond Chai

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