Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pier's Park

Tuesday was my first day ever at Piers Park with Save the Harbor and it was the best time ever. Though the day started off gloomy with the very hard rain, it ended with a splash. While the kids were still coming in, Amanda, Sean, Rusenny, Raymond, and I went down to the dock and tried to thaw out the bait. It was quite interesting. None of us knew how to fillet a fish, but Raymond had an idea and showed us. He struggled a little, but it was only because the fish was still slightly frozen.

When the rain ended, we took the kids down to the dock so that they could fish and  pull up the crab traps. They were so excited to see all the different crabs we caught. We caught some spider crabs, green crabs, and some red crabs. The kids went up and ate lunch. After lunch was over, all the counselors took the kids to the park so they can play in the sprinklers because when the sun came out, it was beginning to get hot. Some little girls had a great time running and trying their hardest to wet Amanda, Rusenny and I. Luckily, I was the one that got away and Amanda and Rusenny ended up all wet.  
'Til next time, Ary

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