Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sand Raking Sea Turtles

During the week, we had a group of energetic campers arrive at Carson Beach after a long and slow morning. When they arrived, I was wicked happy to see the empty beach spring to life. When I got over to where they were, I asked if any of them wanted to do some sand raking. Many of them had no idea what sand raking was, and yet almost all of their hands sprang up into the air with enthusiasm. They each took a sand rake, and together we found a clear spot for our artwork to be. They made a portrait of summer. They made a whole stretch of beach into a portrait dedicated to summer. The entire time, they talked, laughed, and worked together to make suns, lemonade stands, and many other signs of summer.

They also made animals like this sea turtle. They had so much fun. I can't wait to see what they create next. The rakes have been a hit all week and I don't see the kids putting them down anytime soon. I suspect we will see a lot more happy suns and other signs of summer in the weeks to come. The kids love sand raking and will keep making these wonderful pieces of art on the sand. 
More fun to come!

-Joe Sheehan

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