Sunday, July 10, 2016

First Week on All Access

Hello, this past week we went to Georges Island.The two days that we were there, I was doing sports. On Wednesday we took 345 kids to island. On Thursday we took about 250 kids. Although we took more kids on Wednesday than Thursday, more kids wanted to play sports on Thursday.

 On Wednesday after we meet at the Blue Hill Pavilion with the kids, we took them to the boat. On the boat, some members of Save The Harbor played a game named "quack-a-dilly oh my quack quack quack" with the kids. When we got to the island, everyone got lunch. After lunch, we separated into two groups. One for fishing and the other for sports. We went to the fort and there we waited for the groups to stop by. The only sport we played was kick ball.

Save The Harbor members playing with kids on the boat

On Thursday, we did the same as Wednesday. But this day was different. After we got lunch, we went back to fort and there were kids wanting to play. First 2 kids came to us and we started to play baseball with them. It's funny how they beat us 4-0. After that game we started to play kick ball. Playing kick ball we destroyed them. The kids left but came back a couple of minutes later with another boy. We played football. After a while more and more kids kept on coming. Some played baseball and others played capture the flag. The best and funniest part of the day was when a little kid started to dab and hit the folks after hitting the ball.

- Cristian Berlioz 

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