Saturday, July 16, 2016

Science in the sun

Hey everybody! I’m back and I’m a little burnt. The sun glares down hard at Camp Harbor View and it gets pretty hot, but the kids still enjoy their day of fishing no matter what. This week has been pretty eventful so far because we caught two stripers about 10 minutes apart! The kids were really excited and it really made them determined to catch a fish since their peers were finding success off the pier.
We also continued to work on the science experiment that I spoke about in my last blog and we collected more big rocks. On Monday we had an artist named Olga come to the island with us and paint the rocks bright orange so they could be seen from far away. While some of the kids were finding rocks for the project, some others and I were removing the invasive species from the square we made. So far this week has been very productive and the kids are extremely interested in the project. The kids are fascinated by the crabs and how fast they move, and they love catching them.
Collecting Periwinkles in the intertidal zone
We had a contest about who can collect the most Periwinkles and one little girl picked up almost 200 of them. It’s really great to see children engaged in science during the summer time, and are having fun and are learning at the same time. The invasive species seem to not be coming back into our square which is a good sign because that is our goal and maybe the sand will come back to the beach. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on the project!
See you next time!

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