Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fishing and Science at CHV

Wow! The first week went by so quickly! Tuesday was the first day at Camp Harbor View and the weather started out cold and rainy. The ride over was really foggy but we had a lot of fun inside getting to know the kids and introducing ourselves to the program. We filleted a Cod Fish for the children and they were fascinated by the guts of the fish. At Camp Harbor View there is a club for children who are especially interested in fishing. One girl came up to me every day so far and asked “Are we going to find Dory today?” She is always wicked excited. But before we could actually find anything in the ocean, the children needed a quick lesson on how to use the fishing rods. Now this is my first year at Save the Harbor so I only learned how to use a rod a few days before the kids did. When my Senior Harbor Educator left it up to me to give the fishing rod demonstration I was a little nervous because I didn't want to share any false information on how to use it. But the kids listened quietly and asked a ton of questions and I immediately felt comfortable teaching the kids all on my own.
Demonstrating how to use the fishing rods.
We did some other cool things besides just fishing. We threw crab traps into the water off the side of the docks and we caught a few crabs. We also found a ton of crabs on the beach hiding under rocks. It’s really cool to see how kids react to the Asian shore crabs and their little pinchers. Some kids are extremely eager to pick them up and others refuse to touch them.
Also, while on the beach, we started our summer experiment. We have a theory that if we mark off a 30ft by 30ft square on the beach and remove two invasive species, Asian Shore crabs and Periwinkles, then the sand will come back to the newly rocky beach. Today we started by gathering some very large rocks that we will later paint orange so they stand out and we made a big square out of them. I think some of the children and staff are skeptical about sand coming back but it is important to stay optimistic until we see results. I’ll be sure to keep track of our projects progress during the upcoming weeks!
Stay tuned!

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