Friday, July 15, 2016

Family Fun Night on the Beach

Hey guys, so I got to work my first event as a Save the Harbor employee this week. I worked the Family Fun Night on the beach, put on by the South Boston Neighborhood House. We brought sand rakes, fish printing materials, and pirate gear to support the pirate Mary Read. We also brought our JetBlue sponsored blue marbles to hide on the beach as a sort of treasure hunt for our family fun night friends!

After we set up shop on Carson, a group of harbor explorers took the sand rakes down to the water. Shortly after, they came back up and sadly shared that the tide was in; there would be no sand raking for us this evening. Note to self: check tide schedules before offering an activity that relies heavily on where the tide is. Oops! But not to worry, because fish printing was a hit! We had one fish, which was great because we could really focus on an individual child and their own fish print. A lot of the children seemed freaked out at first that it was a real fish (albeit a dead one). But once they got over the initial shock, they were so amazed by the final product that they created! It was awesome to see. Children also made fish-themed crafts that they really enjoyed. Here's my friend Ari, so proud of her art products!

We also hid about 10 blue marbles on the beach, and set all of our event goers out there to try and find them. We told them that they would be entered to win enough JetBlue miles for a trip! And, as a one-time winner myself, I assured the searchers that this was a real possibility. Here we have featured a marble-finder in all her glory.

All in all, Family Fun Night was a huge success! Looking forward to the next one already.

Wrapping up another week as an SHE,


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