Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Piers Park: The Field

Piers Park is an awesome place for summer fun! It has a ton of features that we utilize to the fullest for our games and activities. One of these attractions is the field! Outside of the sailing center, there is a huge, grassy yard that we play games on. The favorite game of our Harbor Explorers has been capture the flag. Everyone, Save the Harbor staff included, go's all out attempting to snag the other team's flag for victory. The competition has never been better at Piers Park; this week we've had three consecutive ties! 

All of the other games that we've played were unknown to me until I joined Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay, but I've had a great time learning them all with the help of the Harbor Explorers'. My new favorite game is an elimination game called Quack a Dilly Oh My. This game is a mixture of hot potato and musical chairs. We all sit in a circle and sing the Quack a Dilly Oh My song. As the song goes, we rotate around the circle giving each other high-fives. When the song ends, its a battle of reflexes between two players, as one tries to lightly slap the dodging hand of the person next to them. Quickness and concentration are key in this game, and everyone must be on their toes and ready for the moment when they will have to make a move. Win or lose, everyone enjoys singing the traditional song and is eager to see who the winner will be. We play a ton of other games on the Piers Park grass, like 'Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean', 'Drip, Drip, Drench', and 'Ride that Pony.' 

After a hard day of running and playing, the field is also a comfortable place to lie down, catch your breath, and get ready for the next game! 
Piers Park has a few more spots like the field that we take advantage of, and I'll be mentioning them in my next blog posts. Ge ready to hear about the dock and the one of a kind playground on site at Piers Park! 

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