Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Spending the summer in the sea and the sand/ is gonna make me a strong woman"

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I'll be working this summer as a Senior Harbor Educator at the Children's Museum site. I recently arrived in the Boston area from upstate NY, where I grew up exploring streams, gorges and waterfalls.  In the coming months, I'm excited to get to know the city of Boston, its harbor and, of course, the people who live and play here. I'm interested in making natural spaces accessible and fun for surrounding communities and the broader public, and passionate about resisting harmful exploitation of people, resources and ecosystems through environmental justice.

The team, just after our singing debut.

It's only been a week, but I've already learned a lot about this place, and come to appreciate the unique beauty of the harbor juxtaposed against the buildings and streets of downtown. I loved taking the ferry out to Georges Island on Wednesday of orientation to walk Fort Warren's dark passages and hear the local legend of the Lady in Black. I was so surprised to learn from our guide David that seventy-five percent of Boston is built on man-made land: It's shocking to consider how drastically we humans affect and shape the environments around us, and to think that those before us actually flattened hills to build the ground we stand on today. Imagine all the labor that went into those projects!

Here we are on Georges Island!

It was also a pleasure to get to know all the lead staff, SHE's, LHE's, and JPA's over the course of the week, especially while playing and trying out new activities during Thursday's visit to Carson Beach. Standing on the paddleboard, the world felt so expansive, and I appreciated the chance to splash around in kayaks and hear people's stories during the workshop with Norah Dooley. I'm looking forward to working with Luke, Bella, Jahari and Sarah for the next few weeks, and can't wait to continue learning about marine life, conservation, and Boston's history.

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