Tuesday, July 5, 2016

At the Seashore

Hi Everybody!

           My name is Samantha (most people call me Sam) and this is my second year with Save The Harbor, Save the Bay. Last year I had the privilege of working at Camp Harbor View for the first half of the summer. I had the opportunity to go on fishing trips with the kids and see their excitement when the reeled up a fish; whether it was a skate or a flounder, their amazement was contagious. One of my favorite parts of working at Camp Harbor View were the hikes to the old fort. The kids loved exploring the onerous old fort and jumping out in an attempt to scare their friends. They even scared me once or twice! 

 For the second part of the summer I was at Carson Beach. Here I got to play soccer with America Scores, which I absolutely loved! I’ve played soccer for the past five years at the O’Bryant where I also play softball for Ms. Ryan. Being at Carson was great because we also had the chance to go kayaking and paddle boarding. The kids there loved to play four square and catch. Teaching the kids to clam was an interesting task. The highlight of the summer at Carson Beach was sand raking! The beauty of the beach covered in art was indescribable. I’m excited for yet another year of adventure, education and surprises! 

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