Friday, July 8, 2016

Starting To Break Boundaries

Hey Guys,

Well, my first week at Courageous Sailing Center and Children’s Museum went so well. On Tuesday I was at Courageous and it was interesting because we were with one group for the whole day. There were two girls named Ellie and Kate, and I was with them specifically because they were lefty’s just like me! It was super scary because Ellie was so tiny compared to the fishing rod, and I was so scared for her because I didn't want her to cast the rod and then fall over. At the end of the day, the kids were playing games like Red Light, Green Light and Fishy Fishy, which was so funny because Sam kept tagging one student in particular when playing Fishy Fishy and then he kept saying that she never tagged him.
My friends Kate and Ellie at Courageous Sailing Center

On Wednesday, I was at Children’s Museum and at first I was so scared because I knew I had to teach kids how to fish when I don’t even know that well myself. But, it was good that I broke boundaries and finally taught someone, and they were so excited to cast a rod, and I felt happy as well knowing that I made a child smile. During the day, we caught a spider crab which was so exciting because I never knew that was a type of crab. It was scary because they look more vicious than the green crabs, but in fact they aren’t, which was pretty cool.
Holding a Spider Crab for the Very First Time 

Lastly, today I was more comfortable because I knew how to pick up the crabs properly and cast a rod to teach kids how to fish. I was with Bella and Emily under the tent and a boy named Oliver came over who was very brave, and he picked up the green crab by himself then said, “Please and Thank You.” I liked that feeling because I knew he was enjoying his time.

Well I hope next week is just as exciting as this week when I’m at Courageous and Children’s Museum.

Oliver holding a Green Crab for the First Time
- Till Next Time, Nieomi :)

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