Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hey everyone it's Jahari once again! This week has been going pretty smooth and relaxed. We haven't had as many kids as we did last week but that's probably due to the weather. It has been really hot and we have gotten about twenty kids to come up to us everyday, whereas last week we got about fifty kids come up to fish and look at the crabs.

Our team stays hydrated in the heat.

Skate or Stingray?
But yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me because I caught another very interesting sea creature called a skate! Last week on the first day I caught an American Eel. So yesterday I had hooked the Skate with my fishing pole and it took me a long time trying to reel it up. I could tell the Skate was fighting as hard as it could to get away. I had to have a random person help me pull it up over the dock. But we didn't keep it for long, just like the eel, because the whole time we had it we were trying to get the hook out of its side. At first I thought the Skate was a Stingray because it looks exactly like one. I think the difference between a Skate and Stingrays is that Skates have spikes on their tails and Stingrays don't plus they can sting you. After that experience I have hope to see many more interesting sea creatures in the Harbor for when we go fishing. And hopefully we get to see more kids the rest of this week and going forward.

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