Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sam the Lobster

Monday and Tuesday of our second week on the job were just as successful as the first week. In the morning, I traveled to the Charlestown Navy Yard to interact with the children at the courageous sailing center. On day 1 we pulled up some traps we had set, which had some crabs, starfish, and lobsters waiting for us. The kids decided to name the lobster Sam after their favorite Save the Harbor JPA (okay maybe I’m making that part up but they really did name it Sam). On day 2 we pulled up the same trap and had more crabs and starfish! The kids loved this pet of the day, they couldn't wait to hold the animals!
Sam the Lobster!

The second half of the day I found myself at Community Boating. The session started out with some environmental science lesson from a teacher at CBI. After which, we explained how Save the Harbor helped decrease the pollution in the waters and so on. After what the kids thought was probably the longest 10 minutes of the day we finally got them outside and holding fishing rods. We were fishing in the lagoon, which on day 2 we got to kayak on, and the water was so shallow we could literally see the fish! The kids were getting so frustrated because the fish kept outsmarting them! They would nibble on the bait then swim away really quick! One kid, Caleb, caught a sunfish. The next day we caught 2 sunfish in the eel traps we had set out just before we left kayak. Kayaking was an adventure in and of itself. Without many other kayakers out on the water we had the space to race. Some of the older boys in the group beat us by a few feet (They cheated though! They used splashing as a technique to distract us!) but all in all it was a pretty fun day.

Just Keep Swimming!

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