Monday, July 11, 2016

Blacks Creek

     Save The Harbor Save The Bay #1
This year at Save the Harbor Save the Bay I was placed at Blacks Creek which was the first time I have ever gone there. Everything was new to me, including the kids and the activities. Some of the activities we did were taking the kids out for a wild walk or just exploring the nature that lives inside our ocean systems. We also played kickball and other games at the fields. Being part of Blacks Creek is actually very exciting. We get to explore more each day that we are there. Blacks Creek is a place where freshwater and saltwater meet, creating brackish water. Being on this site was not what I really expected. I thought the name its self said it all, “Blacks Creek.” I thought there wasn’t going to be any “life” at the site, but I was wrong. The minute I saw the area I realized right away that I was at the right site. This site brings us closer to nature because we learn about nature and how it works. This is very important not only for us but for the kids and anyone who has curiosity about the harbor's wildlife. One tip for having a good day at any of the sites or islands is to just be yourself and have fun like never before and you’ll soon see the kids happy and amazed begging their parents to stay because of how “lively” the class was. We make sure that everyone that arrives at Blacks Creek has fun no matter what mood they come in with. We don’t want to hear that the Harbor crew is “boring," we want to hear great things. This week at Blacks Creek we took the kids down to the dock to set down the crab trap. We checked it the next day because I knew we weren’t going to catch anything in only one day. After that we brought the kids down to the river. Some of them caught hermit crabs, red crabs, and two or three fishes, one medium sized and two small. We played a couple of games such as free tag or Uncle Sam and Sharks and Minows which turned out great with the kids. They enjoyed plenty of fun. I’m glad I returned to Save the Harbor Save the Bay for many reasons. The main one is because I get to be a kid again and interact with the kids and meet new ones each day.

-Edward Calderon 

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