Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Everyone hates Mondays but today was probably the funnest Monday I've ever had. I got to play games at work, like how cool is that? I got to build a mini tower with a door with blocks and shaving cream. Emily got a little messy and grew white eyebrows, mustache, and a beard. I enjoyed hula hooping and drawing to attract attention to our touch tank and fishing area. I drew all types crustaceans, cnidarians, echinoderms on the board. Bella and I drew the Save the Harbor Save the Bay logo in chalk in front of our touch tank which was later noticed by Patty.

In our touch tank we caught lots of green crabs and one baby black sea bass. It was small and shy and didn't move much. We caught plenty of male crabs who were all crazy aggressive. As soon as you picked them up they'd open up they're pinches ready to snap at any second. You know how they say, "curiosity killed the cat?" I was interested in knowing if crabs can pinch really hard. So I held out my finger and it did pinch me kinda hard so I dropped it in the water immediately. Then I stayed away from all the male crabs and only picked up the nicer female ones.

On Tuesday we traveled to Spectacle Island with roughly 300 people and we had a great time swimming. The water was extremely cold and deep. There were lots of huge rocks that hurt to walk on and I forgot my swimming shoes so it hurt trying to walk back to my towel. Dave enjoyed "accidentally" splashing us and throwing seaweed. When I got out the water to change into dry clothes my face had so much salt on it. It was my favorite part of the day to finally get to cool off and then go home.

-Kharliyah O.

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