Monday, July 11, 2016

Introduction to Edward

After 2 full years of not being part of Save the Harbor Save the Bay I can say I deeply have missed it. Being back again with my harbor crew brings a lot of great and magical memories. I have a good feeling that this summer with the harbor is going to be even more fun. When we came in for the first three days I was already having a blast. I got to explore Carson Beach more, and learned how to swim better. I also interacted with kids and showed them how to use the boats. We even taught them a bit about the beach and how we always need it clean. One reason why we need the water system clean is because everybody drinks the water. We need to fill our community and bodies with clear healthy water. Having clean water is a main matter that should be taken seriously. Humans use water for everything and I mean everything including cooking, bathing, playing, etc. At Carson beach I've noticed that not just the kids want to be part of the activities but also their parents that are around the area. I made a great idea in returning back with the Save the Harbor Save the Bay team. I didn't realize how much I've missed it all, including the fishy smell of the ocean, the great catches, and being able to connect with different kids.

 -Edward Calderon


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