Thursday, July 7, 2016

From Three To Thirty-Three

Hello Everyone, So this week went by so fast. Our first week at Black's Creek was a total success. The very first day as we all probably know was a little complicated because the weather didn't really help. It was a very rainy day and for that reason we only had three kids: Lucy, Joseph and his little sister Meg. Although it was just the three of them, we enjoyed it very much. We played, we got to catch snails and crabs. They seemed to really like it. At the end of that day, when Lucy's mom went to pick her up, she told her mom that she really liked it. I felt like we all did a great job and it made me feel accomplished.

The very next day, as I was getting all the materials that we needed, I kept seeing many kids with their Grown ups coming to Jessie to sign the papers, I felt so exited and I knew that it was about to be a very great day. We got to stay around the water trying to catch anything that we could. We played name games, and went on a nature walk which is probably my favorite time of the day. They are all so energetic that it makes me miss my childhood so bad. I cant wait for next week, hoping to have another fun adventure.


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